Breakfast Popsicle Recipes

Your picky eaters won't turn up their noses at this morning meal. Added bonus: It's healthy, too!
By Morna Glory

The best way to start off a hot summer day? A super-cool frozen breakfast packed with fiber-rich fruit and high-protein dairy. Bonus: Your cuties will think they’re eating dessert!

Blueberry Pancake
Berries add an antioxidant boost to this tangy treat. Pour ½ tsp maple syrup into each mold. Mix a handful of blueberries into 2% Greek yogurt and fill the molds until nearly full. Add stick; freeze until firm.

’Nana and coconut water are potassium heroes. Puree a banana with a splash of coconut water until smooth. Fill molds to three-quarters full. Top with raspberries and add stick. Freeze.

Even sans bread, this classic combo satisfies. Add a dollop of strawberry preserves to each mold. Fill almost to top with low-fat strawberry yogurt; insert stick. Freeze until firm. Add a layer of peanut butter (Peanut allergy? Swap in almond butter!); freeze another 4 hours.

Almond Chai
The warm, spicy tea flavor evokes tasty pumpkin pie. Steep caffeine-free chai tea bags in hot almond milk for 5 minutes. Once cooled, stir in ground cinnamon to taste. Pour into pop molds until nearly full. Don’t forget the stick before freezing.

The seeds amp up intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Puree fresh mango with peach yogurt and a splash of mango juice (optional) until smooth. Add ½ tsp chia seeds per pop and pulse to combine. Pour into molds until nearly full. Add stick; freeze until firm.

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