Books to Grow On

Personalize the reading experience for your child, geared toward children ages 8 10.

Feb 06, 2013



Feb 06, 2013

Classic and recent, these titles are for kids who are ready to branch out and try new things . . . on their own! (With a little help from you, of course.) Whether read-aloud or read alone, the advanced picture books, early readers, and chapter books in this category provide a wide range of reading levels, content areas, and high-interest topics that are sure to please the big kids. 

Make it personal. Encourage a love of books and reading by setting up a bookcase or a shelf on a larger unit especially for your child. Help her set aside a special time of day (or night) just for reading that doesn’t have anything to do with school. Go shopping for books together at the bookstore or library, and make a point of showing interest in her selections. Remember, not every read has to produce quantifiable results: Reading can and should be pleasurable, too.

Look it over. Examine the books your child chooses to make sure they’re not too advanced. Consider things such as picture support, text size, lines per page, and reading level. (Check with your child’s teacher if you are not sure of his level.) If your child shows genuine interest in a book that you suspect is too hard, offer to read it together.

Talk about it. Big kids are eager to participate in “grown-up” conversations and to feel included and important. Build their self-esteem as readers (and reinforce their reading comprehension) by initiating discussion about their favorite books — and sharing your own stories of the ones you loved.

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