Books to Explore Together

Here are some early reading ideas geared toward children ages 4-7
Feb 06, 2013



Feb 06, 2013

Picture books are among the hallmarks of childhood — and are perfect for reading aloud, for reading together, for exploring art and playing with words. Their sometimes complex vocabulary and varied subjects make these books great for investigating and learning about the world together.

Go on a book safari. Books are particularly good for investigating new people, places, and ideas. Tap into your child’s natural sense of wonder and exploratory nature by choosing books that will introduce you both to something (or someone!) new.

Talk it up. One of the main ways that children are exposed to new words is through oral language. Read-alouds allow them to experience books with complex vocabulary that they might not otherwise hear. So, while your child may be learning how to read independently, reading to him is still very important.

Take a picture walk. Before reading, build your child’s comprehension skills by discussing the title, examining the pictures, asking questions, and having him predict what the story might be about. The 5 Ws (who? what? when? where? why?) are an excellent tool for picture-walking.

Do tell. After reading, encourage your child’s narrative skills by having her retell the story in her own words. Help her along by asking, “What happened first? Next? Last?”

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