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Books you and your children can discover together, geared toward ages 11 and up.

Feb 06, 2013



Feb 06, 2013

Advanced chapter books and novels, new and long-beloved, make up this category for kids who are fairly confident in their skills and tastes as readers and ready to begin self-navigating. Whether passed down by a parent or teacher or chosen independently by the reader, these books will provide tweens and early teens perspective and insight on the self, others, and the wider world.

(Note: Some of these books contain material that, though generally mild, is potentially unsuitable for the youngest readers in this age group. We’ve designated the presence of mature content in each book’s description with a + symbol, and recommend you pre-screen content for approval.) 

Hand down your favorites. Some reading experiences are so powerful, they become a part of an individual’s identity. Reflect on the titles that have indelibly influenced you and share them with your child.

Go book-clubbing. Tweens and teens may not want to be read to anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same books. Start a book club with your child, alternating who chooses titles. Have a dinnertime chat or a just the two-of-you outing once a month to discuss what you’ve read. Don’t be afraid to branch out beyond your literary comfort zone. Remaining open-minded and focusing on the sharing experience will allow for a truly memorable conversation, no matter the topic.

Become co-authors. Book reviewing is all the rage in the tween and young adult book world today. Turn book discussions with your child into writing opportunities. You might even set up a blog and offer your reviews up to the wider reading world.

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