Be a Cool Carpooler

Sharing rides can save you tons of gas and time. Try these carpooling guidelines and etiquette tips to make the most of your journeys.
Feb 06, 2013



  1. Choose wisely. Make sure your carpooling companions have similar schedules and destinations to avoid making more work for yourself instead of less.
  2. Exchange contact info. Program phone numbers (home, work, cell) into your cell phone so you can easily get in touch if there's traffic or a change in plans.
  3. Be ready to drive. Fill your car with gas ahead of time, and be sure you've packed your purse or backpack with your phone, sunglasses, directions, etc.
  4. Watch the clock. As the driver, it's your responsibility to be on time. Give yourself a few extra minutes for unexpected delays such as road work or bad weather.
  5. Agree on a schedule. Stick to the plan with some flexibility is necessary — if kids get sick or the car is in the shop, for instance.
  6. Courtesy counts. If someone else is driving, make sure your child is ready on time.
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