Back To School Countdown

Follow our timeline for a super-smooth first day of school.
By Michelle Anthony, PhD
Jun 30, 2015

Jun 30, 2015

3 Weeks Before:

Inventory last year’s supplies and make a list of what can be used again.

Hit the stores to replenish Most parents shell out $100 per kid! Eek! Take a look at these super-stylish school supplies for inspiration.

Spring for a first-day outfit! Let him weigh in so he feels confident.

Make a bucket list Help your kid decide on five things to do before the bell rings. Here's advice for helping kids set (and keep) great school-year goals. 

2 Weeks Before:

Get on a school schedule. Adjust his bedtime by 15 minutes every couple of days.

Learn something new. Ease back into the classroom habit with a family pottery or dance class.

1 Week Before:

Host a potluck to reconnect. Each kid brings a lunch box of treats to share.

Bury a time capsule packed with summer memories. This terrarium craft acts as both a bucket list of can't-miss activities and a summer time capsule!

Take a walk to school or the bus stop.

Set up a homework spot! Here are ten tips for creating a stress-free study space.

The Day Before:

Make up a secret handshake for drop-offs. Rituals create security in new situations.

Encourage independence. Write a list of things your kid needs to do tomorrow. We have some more ways to encourage independence for a smoother morning routine.

The Morning Of:

Wake your kid 15 minutes early for a leisurely start.

Eat breakfast, take first-day photos, and off they go!

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