8 Safety Tips for Playing With Family Pets

Find activities that are great (and not-so-great) for kids playing with the family pet from Amy Kantor, a mom and veterinarian in New York City.
By Samantha Brody



Have Tons of Fun with...

Have a Bubble Blast: Dogs and cats love running after bubbles as much as tots do. Have your kiddo face different directions as he blows so your pet has to scurry around to catch ’em.

Make a Pet-umentary: Challenge kids to document 15 minutes of your pet’s life on a video recorder. Add special effects and filters with iMajicam, a free app for Android and iPhones.

Animal Olympics: Create an obstacle course to give your furball some exercise. Cats and rodents can crawl through boxes and clamber up books. A pooch can jump through hoops.

Treasure Hunt: Stash treats in various spots, then point your pet in the right direction. Keep hiding places low enough to reach.

Put the Kibosh on…

Chasing: Running after a pet can rattle him so much that he scratches or bites. That’s a frightening thought, especially on a playdate.

Playing Vet: Even the calmest critter doesn’t like being poked at with a toy stethoscope.

Pet Baby: Being jammed into a stroller in too-tight baby clothes can stress a pet out.

Hide-and-Seek: Pets hide because they’re scared, so no fair pulling them out of their safe spot.

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