7 Ways to Make Reading Fun

These tips will help you make reading feel less like work.
By Holly Pevzner
Jan 29, 2015




Jan 29, 2015

Get cooking
Follow recipes together. It’s a big step when a child realizes that reading is a means to discover or master a topic.

Honor your kid's choices 
Don’t worry if your child picks an “easy” book. That’s what will help him build confidence.

Play "I spy" with sounds
Choose an object in the room and ask your child to guess what it is by telling her the sound it starts with.

Wax poetic
Most poems are short, so they’re not intimidating. Plus, reading them out loud brings language and rhymes to life.

Card ‘em
Print words on colorful index cards and put them in a special decorated shoe box. Each week grab a few to review.

Splurge on a subscription
Children love getting mail! For kids 3 to 6, sign up for Ladybug; for older kids, try out Dig or Ranger Rick.

Go electronic
E-readers highlight text and have an audio feature that can make it easier for older kids to get into the narrative.

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