5 Essential Tips for Camping With Kids

Be prepared, stay safe, and have fun in the great outdoors.




  1. Go for it. Make the decision, pick the date, and the rest will fall into place.
  2. Keep it short. Go only a few miles the first time. Be prepared to carry most of the weight and hear whining (it might be from you!).
  3. Prepare, but don't worry. You'll need the basics: backpack, tent, stove, sleeping bags and pads, lightweight clothing, water containers and filter, first-aid kit, shoes, hat, sunscreen, toiletries, and lots of food. Don't bring much else — remember, you're carrying it.
  4. Let the kids help. Once at the campsite, give them jobs. Filtering water, helping put up the tent, and helping to prepare dinner are all good jobs for children.
  5. Enjoy. Once you're settled at your campsite, sit back and watch your child spend an hour building a sailboat with a leaf and sticks by a mountain lake. Gaze at the clouds and just enjoy having some distraction-free time in nature with your children.

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