4 Free and Easy Health Screenings

These organizations offer no-charge and/or low-cost routine screenings for children and adults.
By Nicole Falcone

Prevent Blindness America

This national volunteer organization is dedicated to educating the public about vision care and preventing vision impairments in children and adults. They offer free screenings in 18 states, checking for conditions such as lazy eye (amblyopia), poor vision, or even glaucoma, a disorder caused by damage to the nerves within the eye.

American Society for Dermatological Surgery

Doctors recommend annual or biannual skin checks for kids and adults to ensure early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers. The ASDS has a search function on their website that lets you locate dermatologists in your area who offer free exams. Find one near you now — most doctors offer these free services in the spring and summer months.

National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

Women in need can receive free or low-cost mammograms, pap smears, pelvic examinations, and other screenings to help in the early detection of breast or cervical cancer through this program. If results are abnormal, the program helps with diagnostic testing and provides recommendations for treatment.

American Diabetes Association

Use the ADA’s online test to assess your risk of developing type 2 diabetes without leaving the comfort of home. You plug in answers, such as your height, weight, history of diabetes during pregnancy, or family members with the disease. The program then checks your risk and offers tips and links to more information and advice on next steps.

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