Create a Fruity Feast

Learning is sweet and tangy and tart with these four fun fruit activities.



What you need: 

  • Different kinds of fruit 
  • Knife 

What to do:

  1. Taste it! Have a fruit tasting with sliced banana, pears, grapes (cut in half for kids under 4), seedless orange, even applesauce. Which does she like the most?
  2. Before and after. Set out whole fruits and ask your child to match them to the sliced ones you had set out. Talk about the changes fruits go through — chopping, slicing, being turned into sauce.
  3. Name that fruit. How many fruits can your child name? This is easy to do at home and at the market. Ask her, "Which one is red? Can you pass me a yellow fruit?"
  4. Make your own fruit mix. Offer different combinations — a piece of banana and a piece of pear, an orange slice dipped in applesauce.
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