Rebecca Grabman


Rebecca was born in the desert of Arizona, raised in the snow of Alaska, went to college with the autumn colors of Vermont, and spent a few years in the rain in Washington. She came to Pennsylvania to get her Master in Entertainment Technology degree, and also got sunburned, drenched, and frozen along the way – sometimes in the same day. She loves Pittsburgh, though, for all the same reasons she loves making things: because it’s always surprising and unpredictable and exciting, and involves a little bit of everything.

Rebecca has been working at MAKESHOP since it started as an experiment, leaving only for a few months to work on a 3D printing project overseas. Her favorite things to make are stuffed monsters with too many teeth, souvenirs from places that don’t actually exist, and anything at all that lets her play with a loom or a laser cutter.

Rebecca is part of The MAKESHOP Show®, a project of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.