Gayle Berthiaume


Gayle Berthiaume, along with Gail Lovely, founded Suddenly It Clicks!™ to share what they have learned in more than 35 years in education, technology and parenting, as well as what they continue to learn as technologies change, children are born and grow, and the world spins at an incredible pace.

Combining knowledge of child development, deep understanding of technology, and passion for interaction, play, and learning, Gail and Gayle offer insight and easy ideas for making technology more like a family campfire and less like an isolation booth. 


Gail and Gayle know technologies have the potential to unite, create conversation, and provide a platform for sharing thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Through easy, non-techie ideas, advice, and sharing they help others unlock the potential of technology. They love sharing ways to play with old-favorites and newly discovered apps and websites.


Gail and Gayle's book Using an iPad with Your Preschooler and their website offer practical advice on choosing and using apps. It isn't just about clicking the mouse or tapping the screen, it's about making sense in your head. Yes… we use technology as a tool, but the bigger moment is when it makes sense in your heart and in your head, when, Suddenly It Clicks!™


Gayle lives with her husband in Minnesota during the summer and in Florida during the winter.  She also spends time with her children and grandchildren whenever possible.  


Email Gail and Gayle at, visit, or tweet them at @SuddenlyClicks.