Christy Matte


Christy Matte is a Boston-area blogger, freelance writer, speaker, and consultant. She holds an M.Ed. in Technology in Education and has a background working with non-profits, informal education, and young people around the world. As the mom of two young kids, Christy is passionate about presenting her children with the tools and resources needed to grow up as creative individuals who respect and celebrate diversity. From books to games to free play toys, Christy believes in choosing carefully and using wisely.

When not focusing on mom-related duties, Christy enjoys reading, writing, playing video games and watching bad reality TV. She loves travel and is a fan of spontaneous journeys, unique side trips and slightly off-beat destinations. She is enamored with all things gadgety from obvious items like gaming systems & computers to the slightly more subtle crafting and household tools. She advocates for causes she believes in from food allergy awareness to gender equity and strongly supports the notion of giving back to the community.

Christy blogs at Quirky Fusion and Quirky-Tech. She is also the co-founder of Boston Parent Bloggers and Springboard Conference. She's a regular contributor at Common Sense Media, where she reviews video games and apps for kids. Christy lives in Massachusetts with her husband, kids, and a crazy cat.