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Amy Mascott


by Amy Mascott
Hard to believe it, but getting started with summer reading early can have BIG payoffs!
by Amy Mascott
Teachers don't want coffee mugs or magnets. This is what they really, truly want and need.
by Amy Mascott
Brothers and Sisters Day is May 2nd – start reading to celebrate!
by Amy Mascott
Help your little alien-hunters learn with these children's books about extraterrestrial friends.
by Amy Mascott
Check out these books for the child who is always thinking about Mother Earth.
by Amy Mascott
Need a change of scenery? Go to the library. Hang out. Learn a little along the way.
by Amy Mascott
How parents can stay on top of their child's reading before it's too late.
by Amy Mascott
What my favorite 4-, 2-, and 1-year-old are reading right now: the mix may surprise you.
by Amy Mascott
We bet you never even considered some of these ways to find the best books for your kids.
by Amy Mascott
There's strength in numbers. The "Family 20" will create readers out of even the toughest family!


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