How to Use the Scholastic Book Fair eWallet

This new digital payment option is a safe, secure way to give your child money to buy books.
Nov 04, 2019
How to Use the Scholastic Book Fair eWallet

Nov 04, 2019

Instead of sending your child to school with cash for the next Scholastic Book Fair, you can now easily use the digital Book Fair eWallet. This allows your child to spend a pre-allotted amount of money on books at the fair, without you worrying about cash getting lost or stolen. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Find your child’s school and create an eWallet account here

2. Select your child’s spending limit. This amount will appear as a temporary hold (or pending charge) on your credit card. You’ll only be charged for what’s purchased, and after the book fair ends, that temporary hold will expire. 

3. Add or cancel funds at any time! You can track spending and see all activity in your order history through your MyScholastic account. 

4. Your child’s eWallet account will be looked up at the book fair using their name, teacher, or grade level. No printing required! 

5. If any items purchased during the fair are returned, the amount will be credited back to your card.

That’s it! Get started today by visiting

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