Scholastic Book Fairs

Here&s what parents need to know about ordering from Scholastic Book Fairs.
Jan 25, 2016



Scholastic Book Fairs

Jan 25, 2016

Teaching children to become lifelong readers starts at home. As your kids grow into strong independent readers, Scholastic Book Fairs® support you, just as you support your child.

Each book fair is designed to give kids access to more books they want to read, from relevant new-releases to classic award winners. As your children grow, book fairs make it easy to be sure their home libraries grow with them. And since all proceeds benefit your child’s school, parents can rest assured that their kids’ classroom libraries will be growing as well.

Shopping the book fair has never been easier. In addition to before- and after-school shopping times and events, Book Fairs also offers the Online Fair*, which gives access to even more books, out-of-stock products, and extended shopping days. Plus it makes it simple for friends and family who can’t attend the in-person fair to shop for their young readers.

Have a reluctant reader? With a simple scan of a book cover – even from your child’s booklist – the Book Fairs App can help parents find right-fit books by providing age and reading levels, book summaries, videos, podcasts, and prices. You can even make purchases from the Online Fair through the app!

Book Fairs also offer parents and families opportunities to volunteer at their child’s school. Volunteering allows you to spend more time with your child while supporting your school community by encouraging reading. As an added thank-you, Scholastic Book Fair volunteers get invited to exclusive book events throughout the year.

Be sure to check out  Book Fairs  to learn even more about the benefits of Book Fairs for your family.


*Online shopping is available to all participating schools except “Buy One, Get One Free” Fairs.

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