Scholastic Book Fairs App: Book Choice Made Easier

Let's bring the ole Book Fair into the digital age!
By Amy Mascott



Scholastic Book Fairs App: Book Choice Made Easier

The Scholastic Book Fair recently hit my kids' school, and it was a total blast. Though our fair has just closed its doors and the many volunteers are finally rested up (and reading!), our school community will eagerly anticipate our spring book fair after a long winter of snow, ice, storms, and lots of time indoors.

Book Fairs are, for many of us, a loved and appreciated school tradition.  When the red Scholastic Book Fair banners hang in the hallways and outside of the school, it means a break from the norm. It means time out of the classroom and spent perusing the aisles of shiny new books. It means writing wish lists. It means bringing parents in and dreaming of finding new books to take us away to faraway places.

This year, however, there's a new kid in town. A new addition to the Book Fair party: the Scholastic Book Fairs App.

The Scholastic Book Fairs App is a free app for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices.

Believe it. And the cool thing is that this app is designed to help parents, teachers, and students find the best books. The app makes book choice easier because really, trying to find a "good fit" book for the readers in your life is sometimes difficult.  

The app is simple. It's designed so that all you have to do is scan the cover, bar code, or QR code. And what comes up on the screen is great information about the book: Accelerated Reader, DRA, Guided Reading levels along with Lexile levels; appropriate age range for the book, and "Reading Counts" quizzes for some titles.  

Along with this cool information comes further recommendations for similar books, the ability to create wish lists, or even purchase through the school's Online Book Fair. 

Though I didn't personally make any online purchases, I did use the app as I shopped my school's Book Fair, and I shared the news of this awesome app with any and all parents who were with me.

I love it, and think it's a natural next step for Scholastic Book Fairs.

Click here for more information on the app. 

What do you think? Are you ready to take Scholastic Book Fairs into the digital age? Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!

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