Non-Traditional Storytelling: TV Series Based on Books

Inspire a love for stories by connecting books with their on-screen adaptations.
Jul 24, 2013



Non-Traditional Storytelling: TV Series Based on Books

Jul 24, 2013

Books inspire lot of what we see on TV or in movies. For example, some shows or movies that parents may watch like Elementary, Game of Thrones, or The Great Gatsby were all inspired by or adapted from books from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George R.R. Martin, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, respectively. As parents, you may even be drawn to these shows or movies because you read the books and are familiar with the stories.  With summer upon us with its extra-long days, there may just be an opportunity to make this connection with your child's summer reading list as well – and connecting books with their TV adaptations might be just the thing! Doing so can even motivate a reluctant reader to focus and engage with the stories and characters in new ways.

And what better way to do so that with Scholastic favorites! Scholastic recently released many of its TV series based on books on Netflix's streaming service. From classic such as The Magic School Bus to Goosebumps to The Baby-Sitters Club, you'll find something for every aged reader (and viewer) in your home. Review our guide, including recommended ages, to Scholastic's TV series on Netflix that are inspired by books here

Encourage your child to read the books and then schedule time to watch the shows together.  Afterward, talk about the stories and characters.  Additionally, discuss comparisons and contrasts between the book to the on-screen adaptation. Doing so will bridge what they're reading to what their watching!

For more tips to encourage reading in fun ways, read Integrating Reading Into Everyday Life.

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