Ruth Culham

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ruth Culham

Ruth Culham on the Traits of Writing
Recommended for Teachers of Grades K-8

Join Ruth Culham, a pioneering researcher of the Writing Traits Model as she discusses the 6+1 key elements that define strong writing. Ruth discusses just what every teacher needs to get started: trait-focused lessons, activities, reproducibles, scoring guides, conference comments, scored sample papers, children's book lists, and teaching tips. Ruth provides reliable, levelheaded, easy-to-follow advice on applying the traits so teachers begin seeing results in their students' work from day one.

Ruth Culham, Ed.D., a pioneering researcher of the Trait Model, is president of Culham Writing Company, which offers first-class workshops designed to help beginning and experienced teachers implement the model in K-12 classrooms. Prior to founding her company, Ruth was assessment program unit manager at Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory and English Teacher of the Year in Montana, a highlight of her 19-year teaching career.

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