Meeting Common Core State Standards with curated, content-rich collections that build the knowledge base children need to succeed - one read-aloud at a time.

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What Is the Knowledge Quest! Program
Engaging read-alouds with
for toddlers–grade 4 that:
  • Improve vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Build college readiness by meeting CCSS and NGSS
  • Make learning fun and easy!
  • Content-Rich Read-Alouds & Activity Guidebook
    Collections for Toddlers–Grade 4
    on Many Science Topics
  • More Than Books!

    Collections come with a guidebook full of activities, vocabulary, and additional resources centered on a curricular theme.

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Great for Parents & Teachers!
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Did You Know!
Children's ability to understand a topic through listening outpaces their comprehension through reading. That's why reading aloud is so important, regardless of reading level.

Daily fiction and nonfiction read-alouds increase children's knowledge base and give them repeated exposure to vocabulary.

Our curated thematic collections interweave the most engaging and age-appropriate read-alouds with skill-building activities.

Knowledge Quest! covers a range of science topics, with cross-curricular connections to literature, art, music, writing, role play, and social themes.

Curriculum Icons
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