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Taylor Swift Trivia Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Taylor Swift!

By Ratha M.

We love Taylor Swift! Our Taylor Swift: Would You Rather got over 250 Comments. She has accomplished more than most people will in a lifetime. She’s racked up many Grammy Awards and has been ranked by  Forbes  magazine as the 12th-most powerful celebrity. She’s also starred in blockbuster movies like  Valentine’s Day, The Giver,  and even hosted  Saturday Night Live.  Test yourself to find out how much you know about Taylor Swift!

1. What was Taylor Swift’s very first #1 Billboard song back in 2012? A) “You Belong With Me” B) “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” C) “Love Story” D) “Shake it Off”

2. Fill in the blank. “Welcome to ___ _____.” (Hint: it’s a city!)

3. What is Taylor Swift's lucky number? A) 7 B)13 C) 1989 D) 1

4. What is Taylor’s favorite nail polish color? A) Red. B) Blue. C) Black. D) Pale Green.

5. TRUE or FALSE? Taylor Swift originally wanted to be a country music singer.

6. Name the number of Grammy Awards Taylor Swift has won. A) 10 B) 3 C) 29

7. Her 1989 album has had five #1 Billboard hits! See if you can name them by filling in the blanks.

  • W------  D-----
  • S----  It  O--
  • B--  B----
  • Bl--- Sp---
  • St---

8. TRUE or FALSE? Taylor’s parents both have backgrounds in the finance and banking industry.

9. What is Taylor Swift’s favorite animal? (Hint: she has two of these as pets.)

How was the Taylor Swift Trivia Quiz? I hope it was beyond your “Wildest Dreams” and you were able to fill in each “Blank Space.” Ok, I’ll stop now!

Seriously, before I create any more “Bad Blood” (oops!) here are the answers . . .

1.ANSWER: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!” This was her first song to hit Billboard’s Top 100 at #1 back in 2012. (“Shake it Off “was also a #1 hit but that was later in 2014!)

2. ANSWER: New York!

3. Answer: Taylor was born on December 13, 1989 and considers “13” to be her lucky number. She even turned 13 on Friday the 13th! If you’re lucky enough to go to one of her concerts, you’re bound to find the number 13 in at least one place. Taylor has been known to scribble “13” on her hand in eyeliner.

4. ANSWER: Blue!

5. ANSWER: True. She’s always loved country music, and moved to Nashville when she was 14 where she signed a recording contract! In 2009 she became the first country music star to win a MTV Video Music Award for “Love Story.”

6. ANSWER: 10! They range from Album of the Year ( Fearless and 1989 ) to Best Country Solo Performance (“Mean”) to Best Music Video (“Bad Blood”). Not to mention she has tons of Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards – the list goes on and on!

7. ANSWERS: "Wildest Dreams" "Shake It Off" "Bad Blood" "Blank Space" and "Style."

8. ANSWER: True. Here dad was a financial advisor, and her mom was a mutual fund marketing executive!

9. ANSWER: Cats! Their names are Meredith and Olivia Benson and she is always posting adorable pictures of them – sometimes with her on tour!

And to keep it going, let us know your favorite Taylor Swift song in the Comments below! Fans look forward to lots of new music and movies in the future from this talented singer, songwriter, and actress.


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