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Music Personality Quiz

Are you a rebellious rocker or a peppy popster? Take the quiz to find out!

By En-Szu

music personality quiz

Are you a rebellious rocker? A classy classical kid? A peppy popster? Take the quiz to find out what type of music best fits your unique personality.

  1. It's Spirit Week at school! You’re most looking forward to . . . A) Professional Day. You love wearing your fanciest clothes to school once in a while. B) Pajama Day. Chillin' in your pjs all day sounds pretty awesome! C) Crazy Day. It's finally a day when you can go wild with your own style! D) School Colors Day. You’ve got the PERFECT pair of sneakers to match your letter jacket. E) Superhero Day. It took you forever to decide between Thor and Spider-Man, but it looks like you’ve finally made the best choice!
  2. Summer vacation is so close you can taste it! You can’t wait to . . . A) take that awesome summer writing course you signed up for! B) hang out at the skate park with your best friends. C) explore museums and hone your sketching skills. D) throw the most epic pool parties in the neighborhood. E) cruise the mall and chill at the beach.
  3. Your favorite sport is . . . A) tennis. B) snowboarding. C) figure skating. D) basketball (because BALL IS LIFE). E) football.
  4. It's your turn to pick a movie for family movie night. Your obvious choice is . . . A) a really thoughtful documentary about the environment. B) something scary or action-packed. Nothing boring and slow for you! C) a really cool anime movie. D) a musical. You love it when the characters sing and dance! E) a comedy. Who doesn’t love a good laugh?
  5. Your favorite candy is . . .  A) fruit. It's nature’s candy! B) gummy bears! C) chocolate. ALL the chocolate! D) the latest, trendiest craze in confections! E) lollipops!
  6. Your bag style of choice is . . . A) something sophisticated and grown-up like a well-structured leather bag. B) Uh . . . my pockets? C) a really fantastic printed tote you bought at a flea market. D) a bright and funky backpack. E) the trendiest new it-bag.
  7. When you’re older, you think it would be really cool to live in . . .  A) Rome, Italy. B) Berlin, Germany. C) Bangkok, Thailand. D) New York City. E) Los Angeles, California.
  8. You most pride yourself in your . . . A) maturity and responsibility. B) sense of humor. C) creativity. D) coolness. E) sunny spirit.

If you answered mostly A's, you are Classical Music.

You believe in high-quality things that never go out of style. You’re always dressed tastefully, remember which piece of flatware to use at fancy dinners, never have a bad hair day (or are really good at hiding it when you do), and parents basically adore you because you are so mature. Your friends love you, too, because even if you like to play by the rules the majority of the time, you’re a very loyal, responsible, and high-quality friend.

If you answered mostly B's, you are Rock Music.

You are kind of a rebel. You like to live life loud, and you are really good at finding a way to have a great time no matter what. You love a great prank, but you’ve also got a great heart. Even if you’re a bit loud, you’re a really good listener and your friends appreciate that you are genuinely interested in being there for them. Plus, you’re always thinking of excellent ways to cheer them up on bad days!

If you answered mostly C's, you are Jazz Music.

You are a free-spirited, ultra-creative soul who is just too innovative for these times. You may be labeled “quirky” or even “strange,” but you’re definitely just ahead of your time. You have the unique ability to appreciate a wide range of things, and you seem to always be discovering some unusual and cool film, book, or song to share with your friends.

If you answered mostly D's, you are Hip Hop Music.

You are the hippest person you know. You've got spirit AND style! The crowd is always looking to you for direction. Guaranteed: the day after you debut a new look, at least ONE other person will be rocking that style, too. You basically drip coolness 24/7, but what people love about you most is how easygoing and fun you are, too.

If you scored mostly E's, you are Pop Music.

You are the sunniest, happiest, peppiest person for a thousand miles in every direction. Has anyone ever even seen you not smiling? You live for warm weather, laughter, sugary sweets, and friends. But just because you like the best things in life doesn’t mean that you can’t be deep, too. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and sometimes it can hurt, but you always bounce back. That’s why everyone loves you!

En-Szu, STACKS Writer

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