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Beach Trivia Quiz

Soak up the sun with this beach-themed trivia quiz!

By Ratha M.

Have you been to the beach this summer for vacation? Did you see any sharks?? Or maybe you have dreams of going to the beach . . . living on the beach . . . starring in Teen Beach 2? You know the usual. Well if you love the beach, try “digging deeper” into our beach trivia . . .

1. Ocean tides are pulled by the _________. (Hint: it’s not the sun.) 

2. Why do jellyfish sting? A) To capture prey and act as a defense mechanism. B) They are really mean. C) Their stingers are painful, and they just want to get rid of them.

3. What should you do if you get stung by a jellyfish? A) Scream! B) Remain calm and tell a grown up or find a lifeguard. C) Rub the stingers off with your hand.

4. Name the two ingredients required to build a sandcastle.

5. Would you rather . . .  surf waves with a boogie board OR jump over waves?

6. Name a popular surfing destination. A) Hawaii. B) Germany. C) Egypt. D) New York City.

7. What does “Hang 10” mean?

8. Name the type of bird that may swoop down and eat all your potato chips at the beach.

9. There is a place in Hawaii where the beach is black. What causes it to be black? A) People littering. B) Basalt from volcanoes. C) It is painted. D) Animals . . . um . . . you know!

See below for the answers!

1. ANSWER: Tides are pulled by the moon. The gravity of the moon pulls the water towards it. That’s what gives us the high tide. We have a high tide when the moon is up (dusk until early morning) and a low tide when the moon is on the other side of the earth. So basically you end up with a bulge of water being pulled towards the moon, and a bulge away from it.

2. ANSWER: To capture prey and act as a defense mechanism. When their tentacles encounter prey (or a human!) they fire tiny stingers filled with venom. It will paralyze the prey, but for humans, it will just really, really hurt.

3. ANSWER: Remain calm and tell a grown up or lifeguard. Most jellyfish stings are fine, except for the pain! But when it stings, it’s usually not just one stinger, but thousands of very tiny stingers called nematocysts that continuously release venom into your body. Sometimes they can be rinsed off with sea water. They can also be scraped off using something like a credit card (NOT your hand unless you want to get re-stung!). Then it might help to soak the area in vinegar, or use a cream pain reliever.

4.ANSWER: Sand and water!

5.ANSWER: No wrong answer! Whatever floats your boat!

6. ANSWER: Hawaii! There is also good surfing all over the world from Australia to Canada, to Costa Rica to Japan. The perfect waves are where wind, swell (a slow continuous movement of waves), tides, and seafloor meet.

7. ANSWER: When you’re surfing and all 10 toes hang off the front of your surf board. (Cowabunga!)

8.ANSWER: Sea gulls. Don’t leave food out in the open because they are known to be very aggressive going after snacks!

9. ANSWER: Basalt from volcanoes, and the waves eroding volcanic rock and ash.

What are your favorite things about the beach? Let us know in the Comments, and watch out for sharks!


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