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Baby Names of 2014

How name savvy are you? Check out our Baby Names Trivia below for the newest, most popular baby names.

By Ratha M.

Not too much has changed since last year’s Top Baby Names. For example the girls’ #1 name is still Sophia, and boys’ #1 is Jackson. But there are some new entries into the top 100 list . . . and there are some names that didn’t make the list this year! How name savvy are you? Check out our Baby Names Trivia below . . .

  1. Which  Frozen character's name shot up 29% this year? A) Olaf. B) Bulda. C) Elsa. D) Kristoff.
  2. Which is NOT one of the top 3 girls' names of 2014? A) Olivia. B) Sophia. C) Josephine. D) Emma.
  3. Which city or borough would you rather be named after – Denver OR Bronx? Both were popular names in 2014!
  4. Which name was NOT new to the top 100 girls' names list this year? A) Cora. B) Piper. C) Paisley. D) Clara. E) Ava. F) Cadence.
  5. The names Easton, Xander, and Ryder are all new to the top 100 boys' names this year. TRUE or FALSE?
  6. These boys' names fell in popularity this year, and may soon be making their exit from the top 100 – boo. Which would YOU pick to be named before they fall of the list? (Personally, I love them all!) Brayden (down 19 spots to #45) Chase (down 17 to #86) Colin (down 11 to #89) Zachary (down 9 to #67)
  7. Which “Fancy” Australian rapper’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly? Her names shot up on the popularity charts in 2014!
  8. These names all fell OUT of the top 100 baby names this year: Bentley, Riley, Mateo, Jake, Ruby, Taylor. TRUE or FALSE?

Check out the answers below!

  1. ANSWER: Elsa . . . of course! Hans also was up 19%, but Elsa still beat him out.
  2. ANSWER: Josephine.
  3. ANSWER: It’s up to you!
  4. ANSWER: Ava was not new. (It's #4.) However, check out these new additions: Cora is #92. Piper is #94. Paisley is #96. Clara is #99. Cadence is #100.
  5. ANSWER: TRUE. Welcome aboard, guys!
  6. ANSWER: Up to you! Personally, I love them all!
  7. ANSWER: Iggy Azalea. Iggy gained 75% in boys’ names, and Amethyst was up 55%!
  8. ANSWER: TRUE! Hard to believe, right? Maybe they’ll make a comeback.

- Ratha

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