Remote Learning Guide


ELA + Life Skills Activities | Grades 6–8

Remote-ready student activities, with optional classroom lessons, on discovering and planning for careers and youth apprenticeships.*

To get started, review our step-by-step Student Assignment Doc at ( Then assign the activities following the instructions provided below. Note: If time is limited, you may wish to focus on the key assignments in orange.

Google Doc:

  1. Click the blue “Make a Copy” button when you open the Google Doc link (
  2. Customize the Assignments box by indicating which assignments should be completed, adding due dates, and/or including tips or supporting resources specific to your class.
  3. Share your customized Student Assignment Google Doc with your students. Note: Students can respond to exit-slip prompts and writing assignments directly within the document.

PDF/Print Packet:

  1. Browse the Individual Assignment PDFs below.
  2. Download the assignments you would like your students to complete.
    Note: If you would like to customize the assignments, follow the Google Doc instructions at left, then download your customized document by clicking File —> Download —> PDF Document.
  3. Distribute the assignments as print packets or PDFs.
Match Interests and Careers Nonfiction Text • Vocabulary • Self-Awareness • Reflective Writing
Internet required for student research Consider How Jobs Evolve Critical Thinking • Researching • Analyzing Nonfiction Text
Identify Hard and Soft Skills Vocabulary • Connecting & Inferring • Informative & Reflective Writing
Internet required for student research Research How Careers Progress Predicting • Vocabulary • Nonfiction Text • Researching • Writing
Conduct and Present a Career Interview Questioning • Interviewing • Preparing & Delivering Oral Presentations
Internet required for student research Plan Your Career Path Nonfiction Text • Researching • Self-Awareness • Creativity • Interviewing • Writing and/or Using Technology
Teaching hybrid or in the classroom? Browse our career-focused lessons. Please note, there will be some redundancy with the student-facing materials included in the above self-directed student assignments.
Exploring the Future of Jobs Nonfiction Text • Career Readiness
Creating Career Dream Boards Career Readiness • Creative Presentations • Self-Reflection
Understanding and Analyzing Soft Skills Reading Comprehension • Career Readiness • Exploratory Writing
Internet required for student research Investigating Career Fields Research • Career Exploration • Student-Centered Learning
Internet required for student research Researching Careers Research • Career Readiness • Creative Presentations
Developing and Presenting Oral Reports Conducting Interviews • Developing Presentations • Oral Reports
Exploring Career Paths Reading Comprehension • Career Readiness • Persuasive Writing
  • Internet required for student research icon = internet required for student research

*An apprenticeship is a career pathway that provides paid work experience, classroom instruction, and an industry-recognized credential. Youth apprenticeships are designed for high school juniors or seniors to prepare them for success after high school.

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