Parent's Request for Information

Please print, fill out, sign and return this form to the address below to find out if Scholastic Inc. or any of its affiliates has collected personally identifiable information online from your child on or another Scholastic website or app. Requests about personally identifiable information collected through Scholastic Education Technology Products should be directed to your child’s school or school district.

Child's name: ___________________________________________
Child's email address: _____________________________________
Child's user name: ________________________________________
Scholastic website/app: ____________________________________
[fill in URL/web address or app name]

Specific activity (if applicable): ______________________________

Check all boxes that apply:
Please tell me if you have collected any personally identifiable information from my child on the website or app specified above, and let me review it.
Please delete personally identifiable information you collected from my child on the above website or app.
I refuse to permit further online collection of my child's personally identifiable information by Scholastic on the above website or app, or further use of personally identifiable information collected from my child online.

Additional details that may help Scholastic process this request:

By your signature, you affirm you are the parent or legal guardian of the child identified above. Scholastic reserves the right to require additional verification of your identity and relationship to the child to comply with the requests in this letter.

Print Name: ___________________________________________________
Sign: _________________________________________________________
[your signature]
Parent/Legal Guardian Mailing Address: ______________________________
Parent/Legal Guardian Email Address: ______________________________

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