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What is loss?

It is the devastating echo that surrounds the word gone. It is no longer being able to hold the thing you once held. It is the fading memory. It is an emptiness on the outside that connects to an emptiness on the inside.

What is grief?

It is the feeling of that echo. It is still trying to hold on to the thing you once held. It is grasping for that memory. It is tat emptiness, in human terms.

What do you do?

This is the tale of Green, who must learn to open herself up to others in a post-disaster world. To do so, she must collect the stories of a number of "witches"-and continue to write her own.

"For the many readers

who cherished Green Angel, Alice Hoffman’s miraculous story of a world destroyed and reborn, this new novel marks the return of an extraordinary character - one whose story was not complete in a single book. For new readers, it presents a beautiful exploration of how we must confront what we fear most, and how we can find love that is everlasting.
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Great Angel book cover
text: Great Angel
Left on her own when her family is lost in a terrible disaster, fifteen-year-old Green is haunted by loss and by the past. Struggling to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere, Green retreats into the ruined realm of her garden. Every encounter with people, even the ones she used to know, pushes her further into the woods, into her house, and into herself. But in destroying her feelings, she also begins to destroy herself, erasing the girl she'd once been as she inks ravens and bats into her skin. It is only through a series of encounters with a ghostly white dog and a mute boy that Green relearns the lessons of love and begins to heal as she tells her story.
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