The Shrunken Head

Shrunken Headshot! How gross! How disgusting! How totally cool! It's the Shrunken Head! Wrinkled up into a tight, green pruneface, this leathery, sticky, warm skull with the thick black hair on top is as big and hard as a baseball - with bulging eyes and pale, dry stitched lips stretched into a hideous scowl. What a total head-case!

No one knows its name. No one knows for sure if it's a he or a she. Seems it's a real no-body! Legend has it Shrunken Head is over 100 years old, though it claims not to be a day over 97! It's small enough to carry in your pocket - a most handy head for carrying! A perfect paperweight for the top of a desk, a handy doorstop or even a book end, it's a very useful skull, indeed! Some say it can even bring good luck. But just beware when this extraordinary runthead gets a whiff of that rare, mysterious power called Jungle Magic. That's when Shrunken Head really comes to life!

With this ponytailed plaything, no batteries are required! A little jolt of the Jungle Magic and the Shrunken Head pulls itself up by the black strings of its neck to perform all kinds of incredible tricks. Watch the dark eyes of the head suddenly gleam and glow bright yellow like a freaky flashlight to point you in the right direction. Hey, it even makes a great bedside nightlight! Sweet dreams! Feel the flickering flames of fire start to burn around it when the power really starts to turn on. Scream in terror as its purple, brown lips quiver and twitch into a twisted, horrifying smile. Maybe when the incredible shrunken noggin finally speaks it'll tell you how it's fallen head over heels for you - except this head has no heels!

With such strange, magical powers, this bizarre brain turns every talkative. Be very careful, it just might talk your head off! And remember, whatever happens, don't let the Shrunken Head fall into the wrong hands. Because if anyone or anything evil gets a hold of this pint-sized monstrosity, heads won't only roll, they'll shrink - including yours!

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