The Scarecrow When it comes to horrors, he's the last straw! They call him The Scarecrow, but he terrifies a lot more than just birds. Every night he comes alive in his own field of screams!

In his raggy, stained jacket, this hay-filled monster is scary just to look at: He's got an old, crusty burlap bag for a face, with evil, dark eyes painted on. His cold glare will really give you shivers! His mouth is a hideous, black smeared frown. A grimy, floppy hat is pulled mysteriously low over his ugly head. Dry, yellow straw pokes out of his ripped and tattered body. The Scarecrow is truly a sight - and a fright - to see!

At the stroke of midnight, his fingers start to twitch. His head twitches from side-to-side. The blank, black eyes suddenly glow bright. His dark scowl breaks into a gruesome, wicked grin. The Scarecrow is alive and ready for some real night life! He walks and stalks in the light of the full moon, leaving large clumps of straw as he lurches along. His stiff arms are outstretched in front of him, eager to reach out and pluck someone into his surprisingly powerful grasp. And once he grabs you - he won't let go!

The Scarecrow is full of straw...and pranks! For example, his idea of a good time is hiding behind a tree and then popping out to surprise you when you least suspect. Your fright is his delight!

When it really comes right down to it, it's not that hard to scare The Scarecrow. Because there's one thing that absolutely terrifies this straw-headed nightmare. It's a no-brainer -- Fire! The very thought of it burns him up!

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