THE MUMMY Somewhere far within the tunnels of the ancient pyramid... that strange, shadowy figure lurking in the darkest corner of the dustiest pit of the deepest, most mysterious chamber is always glad to have a new visitor. Say hello to the mummy.

He's been dead for over 4,000 years. Many centuries he has spent lifeless, completely buried in the past. But with a helping hand, he can come to life. We really mean it - it's "The Summoner," a magical, mummified hand that taps the ancient mummy's power and releases him from the realm of the dead. And that's when he's ready to rap! His muscles miraculously move. His cloth-covered face shows no emotion. Heavy, dead legs lumber forward on bandaged feet, slowly shuffling on amidst the swirling pyramid dust, a terrifying scraping sound now echoing through the ancient walls. Scrape. Scrape. Scrape.

What does the mummy want? A tomb with a view, perhaps? Not likely, since he has no eyes to see, and nothing but revenge on his mind, such as it is. Being dead is a lonely business, and having but one trick up his sleeve, scaring his visitors to death the mummy will not hesitate to use it. So here's some advice - don't get on his case!

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