CurlyCurly is a skeleton with an attitude. A ghoul who's too cool. A ghost of a host who lives to give you "Goosebumps!"

One look, and you can tell he's been hanging around a long time. But with all his years of out-of-this-world experience, he's still on the cutting edge of today's freakiest fashions. No bones about it, this dude is something else. He wears radical, round sunglasses and a trendy, tightly-tied bandana around his neck - which accentuates his drop-dead good looks. Even after all this time, he's still got every one of his chattering white teeth. And the hair-raising mohawk on the top of his head simply shrieks style. These are just some of the reasons why Curly has been named "Cover Ghoul of the Year."

But for all his ghoul attitude, he does consider some things to be of gravest importance. Like writing. Books, email, obituaries, doesn't matter. If you have a bone to pick with him, by all means, ask him to get to the bottom of it. He's smart, he's not scared of anyone, and he'll leave no tombstone unturned in his search for the answers. So write to him. It'll make his night, er, day.

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