Cuddles the HamsterCuddles is a well fed, furry and fat hamster. It appears that Cuddles' all-time favorite thing to eat is monster blood!

Just one spoonful of the mysterious, magical, oozing green slime and Cuddles suddenly begins to grow bigger. And bigger. Pretty soon, not only does he grow too big for his cage, Cuddles actually bursts out of his metal bars and expands to a ten-foot-tall desk-chewing terror.

At this size, he still looks like a hamster. But now, his watery, dripping eyes, large as soccer balls, flash with anger. His huge, gaping mouth drools with hunger. Now when he hangs around the house, he hangs around the house! And what does he eat? Anything he wants.

This giant beast craves a lot more than sunflower seeds. And no little running wheel will divert his course. So when he wants to cuddle, you'd better cuddle!

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