Amaz-o the Hare


Click at your own risk!They call him AMAZ-O and you've just joined him in the most spooktacular part of the site where you'll clearly be creeped out by all the new and ghouly Goosebumps stuff.

He's more than magic, he's tragic! This terrifying trickster doesn't pull just any old scarf, dove or rabbit out of his big, black top hat - after all he is the rabbit! AMAZ-O will absolutely amaze you by pulling a few new things out of his black top hat every month. And he's calling the shots in his very own maniacal, magic show.

Sure, this floppy-tailed, white bundle of trouble looks harmless and hare-brained enough. His large silly ears point out to the sky like a pink-and-white, fuzzy TV antenna. His full, cuddly coat of soft white fur glows smooth and silky from the tip of his ever-twitching whiskered nose to the bottom of his powerful bouncing paws. But be warned, AMAZ-O'S cute and brute! In fact, this mean spirited magician is always eager to get in the act, spinning all sorts of spine-chilling spells in deliciously devious ways!

And what a big, gaping, drooling mouth this hopping hare has! The better to go with his big buck teeth! You see, Bad Hare is a grouchy, old grump who's always ready to chew out his fans, especially if they neglect to bring his favorite nibble of choice - carrots, of course! Because of all the tricks AMAZ-O has up his paw (or stashed in his mysterious magic bag), the ultimate is his own magic carrot, a ruthlessly, wicked root whose one bite transforms any unsuspecting guy or girl into a rabbit, too!

Mind boggling card tricks. Multiplying red balls. And the guaranteed crowd pleaser...making a volunteer from the audience disappear. When it comes to magic, AMAZ-O can do it all. But his most spectacular feat is truly not to be believed, Bad Hare can actually talk like a human and tell you WHAT'S NEW IN THE WORLD OF GOOSEBUMPS!!!

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