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The Revolutionary Era Comes to Life in Gary Paulsen’s Woods Runner
Gary Paulsen is a master storyteller. In his newest wilderness adventure novel, the Newbery Award–winning author weaves fiction and nonfiction to create a thrilling story set in Revolutionary-era America.

Without a word of warning, the British attack—Samuel’s parents are taken prisoner! It’s up to Samuel to follow their trail—hiding, moving stealthily to rescue them. Woods Runner is historical fiction at its very finest, presenting the story of a young boy who must confront the most terrifying aspects of war and go deep into enemy territory to save his parents.

Paulsen says of the novel: "I wrote Woods Runner because I wanted the Revolutionary War to be seen in its reality. There’s much to be proud of in terms of the outcome of the Revolution, but the reality of fighting this war was horrifying. Our independence was hard-won."
Available in Arrow January.
Gary Paulsen
“Mr. Paulsen is one of the best-loved writers alive. With more than 26 million books in print, his name is practically synonymous with the wilderness adventure genre. . . . He’s always lived his life on the edge and survived true adventures, but he’s not just an action man; he also knows how young people feel and think.” —The New York Times
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Available in Arrow January and
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