Deltora A land of magic and monsters

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Navigating your way through Deltora takes a lot of skill. Play these games
and find out if you have what it takes!

The Dragons of Deltora Adventure

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Make your way through the land of Deltora and collect jewels along the way. Watch out for traps and evil beings!

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Level 1 Help Lief destroy the Sister of the East.

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Level 2 thumbnail

Level 2 Continue in your quest to conquer the Four Sisters.

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Level 3 Battle the third of the evil Four Sisters.

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Level 4 Defeat the last of the Four Sisters!

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Quest Challenges

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Practice your gaming skills with these challenges. Only those with the sharpest skills can defeat the monsters of Deltora and become a hero.

Beat the Bird thumbnail

Beat the Bird Step right up! Spin the wheel to win coins. Lose all your coins and you'll be spending the night in the barn!

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The City of Rats thumbnail

The City of Rats The rats are on their way toward you! Use your firebeads to stop them from getting to the river.

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The Maze of the Beast thumbnail

The Maze of the Beast He's big, he's slimy, and he's on his way! Find the right path to escape the slug villain Glus.

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Find the Gems

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Are you a Deltora expert? Use your knowledge from the books to complete this quest. Follow the footsteps of Lief, Barda, and Jasmine to find the gems and build your own Belt of Deltora.

Haven't read Deltora Quest yet? Read the series to help you collect the gems!

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