Core Clicks is the yearlong digital reading program from the creators of Scholastic News and Weekly Reader. Designed for grades K–5, Core Clicks combines highly engaging nonfiction with powerful interactive instruction to build close-reading skills. Through multiple encounters with each incredible text, your students will develop the nonfiction reading skills required by Common Core and other higher academic standards. Best of all, this digital instructional program was built to work with your school’s existing technology, whether you use interactive whiteboards, computers, or tablets!

Highly Engaging Nonfiction
Core Clicks features 120 captivating informational texts on curriculum-connected science and social studies topics. Each text features a dynamic video, amazing photos, and meaningful interactive tasks that keep kids engaged while they develop crucial reading skills.

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Highly Effective Instruction
Each complex text forms the basis of an interactive “Text Study.” These 120 robust instructional units (20 per grade) guide students through each text three times. With each textual encounter, students deepen comprehension as they focus on a key language arts skill such as main idea, cause & effect, or author’s purpose.

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Higher-Level Assessment
Each question in the Core Clicks program has been meticulously designed to meet standards and familiarize students with the kinds of questions they will encounter on higher-level assessments. Additionally, Core Clicks includes Reading Checkpoints, which provide trackable, performance-based assessments where students answer questions on unfamiliar texts, just as they will be required to do on standardized tests.

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