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This feature is not live. Click on A Reason to be Red (Grade 1) or Invader Alert (Grade 3) for a sample lesson.

Explore a Sample Text Study

Two Text Studies are available in this demo:



Text Studies:

Grade K Text Studies

  • School Helpers: Ken Karp Photo
  • Big Changes for Baby Bird: Steve Byland/age fotostock
  • At Work With Eric Carle: Photo credit: Motoko Inoue
  • All Across our Country: Robert Marien/Corbis

Grade 1 Text Studies

  • My Dad is a Firefighter: Doug Martin/Photo Researchers, Inc.
  • Bears, Bears, Everywhere!: Thomas Kitchin & Victoria Hurst/
  • A Reason to Be Red (chameleon): iStock
  • A Reason to Be Red (background): iStock
  • Super Storms: NOAA/Corbis

Grade 2 Text Studies

  • Count Me If You Can: Rob Reijnen/Foto Natura
  • Up In Flames (firefighter): Raymond Gehman/CORBIS
  • Up In Flames: (background): AFP/Getty Images
  • The Spider’s Secret: Royalty-Free/Corbis
  • Statue of Liberty: iStock

Grade 3 Text Studies

  • Invader Alert! (Asian Carp inset): Jason L. Jenkins/Getty
  • Invader Alert! (background): Illinois River Biological Station via the Detroit Free Press/AP
  • A Walk in the Sky: John Burcham/National Geographic Society/Corbis
  • A Kid Who Made History: AP
  • Lava Lessons: G. Brad Lewis

Grade 4 Text Studies

  • Asteroid Alert!: Ace Stock Limited/Alamy
  • A World of Mummies: LookatSciences/Phototake, Inc.
  • Are You Smarter Than a Chimp?: Brad Wilson/Getty Images
  • A Heroe Carved In Stone: Orjan F. Ellingvag/Corbis

Grade 5 Text Studies

  • A Champion For Chimps: Jean-Marc Bouju/AP
  • Fright Factor (girl): Grove Pashley/Corbis
  • Fright factor (background): iStock
  • A Holiday Debate: Getty Images/DeAgostini
  • Blast From The Past: Shutterstock

Reading Checkpoints:

Grade K Reading Checkpoints

  • Owl On the Prowl: iStock

Grade 1 Reading Checkpoints

  • Is That a Bat?: Ingo Arndt/

Grade 2 Reading Checkpoints

  • Big Bad Storms: NOAA/Corbis

Grade 3 Reading Checkpoints

  • Robots to the Rescue (robot): Dr. Dennis Hong, RoMeLa: Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech
  • Robots to the Rescue (background): iStock

Grade 4 Reading Checkpoints

  • Buffalo: iStock
  • Background: iStock

Grade 5 Reading Checkpoints

  • Dogs on Duty: Brian Harkin/Novus Select

Teacher Space:

  • Class List, Assignments, Tracking, Reporting: iStock