Core Clicks:The Interactive Program Built
for the Common Core

Core Clicks
For Grades K–5

Core Clicks is an online nonfiction reading program designed by the education experts at Scholastic. Built from the ground up to support the Common Core Standards, this powerful online tool helps educators instill the close reading and analysis skills students need to succeed on upcoming assessments, like PARCC and Smarter Balanced.

Short, High-Quality Informational Texts for Common Core Instruction

Core Clicks is made up of 120 Text Studies (20 per grade). At the heart of each Text Study is a concise, compelling informational text written by the experts of engaging nonfiction: the editors of Weekly Reader and Scholastic News. Text Studies focus on building a specific Common Core skill by guiding students and teachers through Three Reads of the text. Throughout these “three reads,” a variety of enhancements embedded in the text facilitate skill building. These features, including videos, text-marking activities, and discussion questions, help educators build 13 critical Spotlight Skills directly from the standards.

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Core Clicks Teaches Students How To:

  • Define Author’s Purpose
  • Comprehend Cause
    & Effect
  • Cite Reasons and
  • Cite Textual Evidence
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Determine Word
  • Find the Main Idea and
    Key Details
  • Make Inferences
  • Determine Point of View
  • Understand Problem and
  • Sequence
  • Use Text Features
  • Use Visuals

Master the Common Core:
The Three-Read System for Building Common Core Skills

The 1st Read–Read It!

Educators can build engagement with “Before You Read” audio and an exciting video. Then familiarize your students with the text by going through your First Read, which is accompanied by vocabulary pop-ups and an optional read-aloud (requires approximately one class period).

The 2nd Read–Analyze It!

Now that your students have a basic understanding of the text, analyze its structures and features with text marking and text-dependent questions that challenge students to apply Common Core skills (requires approximately one class period).

The 3rd Read–Discuss It!

With a thorough understanding of the text, students embark on a third and final read that uses pop-up discussion questions to foster deep and critical thinking about the text (requires approximately one class period).

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Practice for Common Core Assessments
Skill Workout

After thoroughly examining the text, teachers can reinforce the Spotlight Skill with our Skill Workout. These skills-based exercises feature videos for direct instruction, interactive text-based activities, and printable worksheets.

Question Quest

Each text study features a light assessment. Five multiple-choice questions ensure students understand the concepts before moving on to applying them to unfamiliar texts.

Reading Checkpoint

Here’s where students will apply the skills they’ve developed in the Text Study to a new and unfamiliar text. Once you’ve fully covered a Spotlight Common Core Skill, students will apply it to a new text and short assessment. These checkpoints ask students to perform the types of tasks they’ll encounter on the Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessments.

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Teachers’ Tools

With Teacher Space, Core Clicks offers several tools to manage groups and assign homework or assessments. These help in keeping each student on track for state and Core assessments:

  • Class Management: Teachers can manage class rosters and reading groups, with groups for differentiation or variety.
  • Assignments: Assignments can be organized and completed in school or with a student login at home.
  • Reporting: Reports show teachers their students’ preparedness for Core and state tests, and can be sorted by class, group, or individual to advise future lessons.
Teachers’ Tools
Full Program
  • 120 Text Studies
    (20 per grade)
  • 20 Skill Videos
    (9 for K–2, 11 for grades 3–5)
  • 33 Reading Checkpoints
    (4 per grade for K–2, 7 per grade for 3–5.)
  • Teaching and Implementation Guides
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools
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