The Interactive Program for the Common Core State Standards: Core Clicks

For Grades K–5

The Common Core State Standards have brought about major shifts in the methods and materials teachers use in the classroom. To address these changes, the education experts at Scholastic have created Core Clicks.

Core Clicks is a digital nonfiction reading program that gives teachers the complex nonfiction texts, rigorous reader tasks, and assessment preparation they need to successfully implement the Common Core.

Core Clicks is made of 120 Text Studies. Each Text Study features one compelling informational text and hours’ worth of interactive instructional features like videos, performance tasks, vocabulary pop ups, and so much more. These features guide classes through THREE READS of the text, challenging students to analyze the text more in depth with each encounter.

Each Text Study focuses on one major skill from the Common Core State Standards

  • Finding the Central Idea and
    Key Details
  • Making Inferences
  • Comprehending Cause and Effect
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Defining Author’s Purpose
  • Citing Reasons and Evidence
  • Citing Textual Evidence
  • Determining Word Meaning
  • Determining Point of View
  • Understanding Problem
    and Solution
  • Sequencing
  • Using Text Features
  • Interpreting Visuals
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Performance Tasks Based on
State Standards Assessments

To help educators better prepare their students for PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments, Core Clicks features a wide range of
performance tasks. These exercises, modeled on critical assessments, challenge students to apply the skills from the list above.

Text-Marking Activities

require students to highlight, circle, or underline features of the text—perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard or tablet. Part of every text study.

Evidence-Based Questions

challenge students to read closely and cite evidence directly from the text to support
their answer. Part of every text study.

Discussion Questions

give educators a ready-to-go whole class or small-group collaborative discussion activity in every Text Study.

Reading Checkpoints

challenge students to apply the skills they’ve learned to a new and unfamiliar text, just like they’ll do on upcoming state and Core assessments. Core Clicks comes with 33 Reading Checkpoints (4 per grade level for K–2, 7 per grade level for grades 3–5).

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Multimedia Features That Support Educators

The texts also include multimedia features that instantly engage students and require them to integrate information from various mediums into their knowledge of a topic. These features provide multiple entry points for every type of learner in the class:


Pre-reading videos bring topics to life, while direct instruction videos explain major concepts from the Common Core Standards. An added benefit: students learn to evaluate information from diverse media to help them answer questions, a key concept in Core anchor and many states’ standards.


“Before You Read” audio introduces the text and its themes (in every text study). Optional audio read-alouds of each text provide additional support for diverse learning styles.

  • Narrators relate skills in Skill Workouts to topics students care about, building engagement and a bridge to further learning.
  • Each word is highlighted as it is read aloud by a talented voice-over artist, including kids your students’ age.
  • Two speed choices demonstrate vocabulary usage and ensure not a word is lost.
Teachers’ Tools

With Teacher Space, Core Clicks offers several tools to manage groups and assign homework or assessments. These help in keeping each student on track for state and Core assessments:

  • Class Management: Teachers can manage class rosters and reading groups, with groups for differentiation or variety.
  • Assignments: Assignments can be organized and completed in school or with a student login at home.
  • Reporting: Reports show teachers their students’ preparedness for Core and state tests, and can be sorted by class, group, or individual to advise future lesson plans.

Reports show the important benchmarks of the assignments, like reading and complexity level, date completed, skill exposure, viewed videos, and scores for question quests and checkpoints.

The Common Core Standards Program that Works on Any Device!

Core Clicks doesn’t just help teachers meet Core and state standards. It helps make the most of their classroom technology!

As long as it’s connected to the Internet, any device can run Core Clicks. Android™ tablets, iPads®, interactive whiteboards, classroom computers, the list goes on. To ensure the best possible experience, take a look at the recommended system requirements:

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System Requirements: PC: Internet connection (broadband recommended), Windows® XP or newer, and a 15-inch monitor (recommended)

Macintosh®: Internet connection (broadband recommended), OS® X 10.6 or later, and a 15-inch monitor (recommended)

Mobile: Internet connection and iPad® 2 or 3 (iOS® 4.0 or newer), or any Android™ OS that supports HTML 5 Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer® 9.x–10.x, Safari® 5.x–6.x, Chrome™ 23.x–24.x