Prepare for Common
Core Assessments with Core Clicks

Core Clicks provides the high-quality nonfiction and performance tasks that students will encounter on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

Developed by the team of Common Core experts at Scholastic News® and Weekly Reader®, Core Clicks is a digital nonfiction reading program that combines compelling informational texts with dynamic interactive features to keep students engaged while they prepare for tests.

Multiple Encounters with Short, Meaningful Texts:

Perfect Practice for Common Core Assessments

Core Clicks is composed of 108 Text Studies that guide educators and students through THREE READS of concise informational texts about the length that they’ll encounter on upcoming assessments.

Each text features embedded performance tasks that challenge students to analyze the text as they would on a test. Performance tasks include text-marking activities, evidence-based questions, and drag-and-drop exercises modeled on the PARCC assessment.

These reader tasks focus on 13 major skills directly from the Common Core assessments. Exercises challenge students to:
  • Identify Author’s Purpose
  • Determine Cause and Effect
  • Reason and Use Evidence
  • Cite Textual Evidence
  • Integrate information conveyed visually (e.g., graphs, maps, charts)
  • Compare and Contrast Texts
  • Discern Word Meaning Using Context Clues
  • Find the Main Idea and Key Details
  • Make Inferences
  • Determine Point of View
  • Understand Problem and Solution
  • Sequence
  • Use Text Features
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Anatomy of a Text Study

Text Studies take students through three reads of a compelling text with a different learning objective for each encounter.

First Read Learning Objective: Read the text
  • Watch a pre-reading video
  • Determine word meaning with contextual
    vocabulary pop-ups
  • Listen to an optional audio read-aloud for
    additional support
Requirements: One Class Period
Second Read Learning Objective: Analyze the text
  • Identify specific text features with text-marking
  • Answer close reading questions
  • Drag and drop icons onto the text to locate
    instances of textual evidence
Requirements: One Class Period
Third Read Learning Objective: Discuss the Text
  • Talk about it with discussion prompts throughout
    the text
  • Converse in small groups or as a class
Requirements: One Class Period Try a Text Study for Yourself: Perfect Practice for Common Core Assessments >>

Review and Reinforcement for Common Core Assessments

Each compelling text study is followed by a skill workout and light assessment. Based on the text just read, these exercises model the types of questions students will be asked on Common Core assessments.

Skills Workouts
  • Videos for direct instruction
  • Additional text-based activity
  • Printable activity sheet
Question quest
  • Light assessment
  • Multiple choice modeled on PARCC
    and Smarter Balanced
Reading checkpoints—Independent Test Prep

Reading checkpoints have students read a new and unfamiliar text independently. They will then have to apply the skills they learned in the text studies. Reading checkpoints reproduce the experience of test taking. There are six Reading Checkpoints per grade level 3–5, and three per grade level for K–2. Teachers can easily assign checkpoints to individual students and track progress.

Features for Teachers

To help educators provide adequate practice for Common Core assessments, Core Clicks allows teachers to assign components of Core Clicks to individual students. Students simply log in to complete and submit assignments.

There are also features that can be tracked, including question quest and reading checkpoints, to help educators assess their students’ progress.

The Complete Core Clicks Program Features:
  • 108 Complete Text Studies (18 per grade)
  • 20 Skills Videos
  • 27 Reading Checkpoints
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Implementation Guide and Lesson Plans