Performance-Based Assessment with Core Clicks

Reading Checkpoints are the main assessment component of Core Clicks. These 5- to 10-question, performance-based assessments challenge students to apply the literacy skills they’ve built in the Text Studies to new and unfamiliar texts. The interactive questions contain formats that students have encountered and practiced in Core Clicks Text Studies:  text-marking, multiple-choice, and, for Grades 3-5, text entry and short answer questions. Completing these types of independent reading tasks is critical in preparing your students for digital assessments.

Core Clicks includes:

  • 4 Reading checkpoints per grade level for Grades K–2
  • 7 Reading checkpoints per grade level for Grades 3–5
See Sample Reading Checkpoint

Track Student Progress

Upon completion of a Reading Checkpoint, students’ work is captured and scored automatically, with the exception of short-answer questions. Teachers use a rubric to score the short-answer questions, and reports on student progress can be generated at the student, class, or district level. Learn more

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Additional Assessment Opportunities

Core Clicks is packed with formative assessment opportunities that allow teachers to monitor student comprehension as they explore the lessons.

  • Question Quests — A quiz for light assessment follows each Text Study and can be assigned to individuals (features trackable results).
See Sample Question Quest
  • Printable Skill Workout Activities — These challenging skills sheets provide an opportunity for informal, pencil-and-paper assessment of student proficiency with Spotlight Skills from each Text Study.
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  • Digital Assessment Readiness — Core Clicks promotes readiness for digital standardized assessments. Challenging, text-dependent questions throughout the program prepare students for the types of questions they will encounter on new state assessments such as PARRC and Smarter Balanced. Additionally, the program’s digital format, with interactive tasks throughout, helps prepare students for the experience of computer-based testing.

  • Extensions — The Core Clicks Teaching Guide includes activities and writing.
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Core Clicks reporting allows teachers and administrators to track completion of assigned work, as well as individual and class performance on Question Quests (quizzes) and Reading Checkpoints (performance-based assessments). The data also provides information on student exposure to and acquisition of key literacy skills.

Reports are available at the student, class, school, and district level.

Sample reports:

Student Level

Class Level