Close Reading With Core Clicks

Close Reading with Core Clicks

For Grades K–5

The term “close reading” has recently become a Common Core buzzword, and rightly so. The Standards require students to examine texts with an unprecedented attention to detail.

To help educators address this new emphasis on textual analysis, Scholastic has developed a digital nonfiction program called Core Clicks.

Short Texts: Web-Based Curriculum

This web-based curriculum supplement consists of 120 close reading lessons, called Text Studies. The center of each Text Study is a high-quality informational text written by the award-winning team of editors and literacy experts at Scholastic News and Weekly Reader.

The Text Study uses interactive features to guide educators and students through THREE READS of the nonfiction text. With each subsequent “read,” students delve deeper, gaining a more thorough understanding of the text.

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Here’s a closer look at how each Interactive Text Study works:
The First Read–Read It! Requires One Class Period
  • Watch a pre-reading video and audio clip.
  • Read the text with contextual vocabulary.
  • Listen to the optional audio read-aloud.
The Second Read–Analyze It! Requires One Class Period
  • Read the text again, now with embedded
    reader tasks.
  • Mark specific parts of the text with
    text-marking activities.
  • Answer evidence-based questions.
The Third Read–Discuss It!Requires One Class Period
  • Read the text a last time.
  • Talk about the text with pop-up discussion
    questions throughout the text.
  • Converse in small groups or as a class.
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Assessment, Tracking and Reporting

Skills Workouts reinforce
Common Core skills
  • Videos on major close reading skills provide
    direct instruction.
  • Review activities are text-dependent.
  • Printable worksheets that challenge students
    to apply skills.
Reading Checkpoint–Test Prep
  • Students apply skills to a new and unfamiliar text.
  • Close reading questions of the sort students will face on PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments.
Question Quest—Assessment
  • A light interactive assessment with five
    multiple choice questions.
Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Digital locker technology allows reporting on
    individual and group performance based on the
    trackable pieces of the program.

Core Clicks: The Easy-to-Use Common Core Supplement-Perfect for Ipad and Interactive Whiteboards

Core Clicks works on any existing classroom technology from iPads® to interactive whiteboards. That means there’s no new technology for teachers to learn, and the interface is so streamlined and simple that educators will be able to pick it up in a snap.

Don’t let this user-friendliness fool you though—Core Clicks is a powerful Common Core supplement. The team behind it has years of experience creating dynamic digital content and engaging informational texts. The team is made up of a wide variety of editors, writers, programmers, and literacy experts like Nell K. Duke. They’ve meticulously designed each Text Study to meet the needs of the 21st century classroom and the Common Core Standards alike.

The Full Core Clicks Program
  • Access to ALL 120 Text Studies (20 for each grade) and 216 audio accompaniments
  • 33 Reading Checkpoints (4 per grade for K–2, 7 per grade for grades 3–5)
  • 20 Skill Videos (9 for grades K–2, 11 for grades 3–5)
  • Teaching and Implementation Guides
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools