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Help Students Become Confident, Capable Readers

Scholastic RISE provides a powerful short-term intervention with targeted small-group instruction for reading comprehension, word study and phonics, and guided writing. Based on Jan Richardson’s The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, the RISE framework offers daily instruction for students who are reading below grade-level benchmarks. After six to eight weeks in RISE, nearly all students gain the confidence, proficiency, and skills they need to excel as readers.

Intensive Daily Intervention

RISE offers two dynamic instructional options across a gradient of texts from Levels C–Z. Based on Richardson’s proven Assess-Decide-Guide framework, instructors work with small groups of students who are reading at similar levels. The goal is for students to reenter their classrooms as engaged, proficient and confident readers who are able to process and comprehend grade-level material.

Find the Right Level of Intervention for your Students

A Flexible Implementation Pathway

The various implementation models provide the flexibility to manage the RISE stations with one to four instructors for 45–60 minutes a day, and the RISE Up stations with one to three instructors for 45 minutes a day.

Support for All Learners

RISE was designed to meet the needs of all striving readers, including English learners and students with special needs. Daily scaffolded instruction supports all four language processes—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—in a safe small-group setting. Engaging texts broaden students’ experience with fiction and nonfiction while building academic vocabulary. RISE instructors have time to confer with one another on a daily basis about each student’s progress in order to accelerate learning. The RISE framework fosters a culture of success as students learn and grow as independent readers.

What's Included

RISE includes everything you need to implement the intervention program with teacher resources and lesson guides, student texts, and access to RISE Online.

Author-Curated Texts with Increasing Complexity

Digital Access to Encourage At-Home Reading and Family Engagement

Meet the Authors

Jan Richardson, Ph.D., has transformed guided reading for tens of thousands of teachers and students across North America and beyond. She works with schools and districts, helping educators understand what’s needed to ensure that every student succeeds in reading. Richardson’s work is informed by her experience as a reading specialist, a Reading Recovery® teacher leader, a staff developer, and a teacher of every grade from kindergarten through high school.

Ellen Lewis, M.Ed., is a reading teacher, Reading Recovery® teacher, reading specialist, literacy consultant, and author of a number of children’s books. She has more than three decades of literacy teaching experience in the United States and abroad. Her ongoing collaboration with Jan Richardson includes writing the Professional Development Study Guide for The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading.

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