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Families learn how to practice literacy throughout the day.
Each workshop reinforces the six core areas of literacy:

Concepts of Print

Concepts of Print

Showing the front and back of a book and running fingers under words as we read helps children to grasp the concepts of print.



Dramatic play can become a forum for reenacting a story, thus deepening comprehension.



Drawing pictures, scribbling, and eventually writing letters and words all help children learn that writing communicates meaning.


Literacy Activities Overview

Literacy Activities Overview

Leader introduces the session’s literacy activities, explaining how each activity supports language and literacy development.

Family Participation in Literacy Activities

Family Participation in Literacy

Children join their families for activities at each of the six literacy centers.

Nell Duke

Nell K. Duke

Ed.D., University of Michigan
Expert in early literacy development, particularly for children living in poverty

Kathryn Roberts

Kathryn L. Roberts

Ph.D., Wayne State University
Expert in early childhood and family literacy, literacy in the content areas, and bilingual and bicultural literacy education

Gail Jordan

Gail E. Jordan

Literacy Researcher
Expert in early childhood language and literacy and early literacy intervention

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