Your Whole-School Small-Group Solution

Only Scholastic gives you a complete solution that combines research-based instruction and digital management with more than 1,000 engaging authentic titles and Short Reads to differentiate instruction for every student.

Scholastic’s one-of-a-kind Accelerator makes finding the perfect book for your small-group sessions a snap with its proprietary search technology. With just a few clicks, quickly find the right book, at the right level, to target the right skill for each personalized group. Plus, take advantage of its rich collection of teaching resources designed to support effective implementation.

Seamless Digital Management

The one-of-a-kind Accelerator offers 24/7 access to simplify planning.

  • Search titles by level, genre, theme, and skill; preview teaching cards and check out titles.
  • Take advantage of professional resources including videos, best practices, and worksheets.
  • Track bookroom usage and reservation history.
  • Combine with Scholastic’s personalized learning programs to unlock the state-of-the-art Teacher Dashboard to support differentiated instruction.

What Makes Us Different?

Authentic Texts

Authentic Texts and Short Reads

High-quality authentic books written to engage readers and encourage active reading, robust problem-solving, and deep comprehension skills.

Teaching Support

Unparalleled Teaching Support

Maximize small-group instruction with integrated expert-led professional learning and a suite of best-selling professional books.

Assessment Tools

Streamlined Assessment Tools

Developed by Jan Richardson, Ph.D., and Maria Walther, Ed.D., NSGRA uses the proven Assess-Decide-Guide framework to effectively support guided reading.

It wasn’t so much about just the product. [Scholastic] really seems to be concerned about the experience that our students have as a result of the product, and also the experience of our teachers.

—Dr. Hardin-Barley, Superintendent

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