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Hello and welcome to George and Harold's World, where we
are SERIOUS about having FUN!

Make something special for Underwear Day!
Wedgie Power! Do you have it?

How to make your very own, perfectly portable, Pilkey-Powered Paper Pilot "Pug-Plane."
Cut and fold, then let Pilot Underpants fly!

Captain Underpants
Turbo Toilet 2000

The game is usually played this way: Someone is IT. Everyone else is not. IT chases the non-ITs, trying to tag them. Once IT tags you, you have to freeze. Stop moving, that is.

Now, a game that's all about standing still really doesn't seem all that fun to us. So here's OUR version of Freeze Tag.

Someone is IT. IT finds a bucket and fills it with ice cold water. (Important note: the non-ITs cannot know that IT is IT. In fact, they cannot even know that they're playing Freeze Tag.) IT picks a bunch of people to douse with the cold water. ICE cold water, remember.

Then the non-ITs chase IT all over the neighborhood. Everyone gets a nice workout.

Here are some jokes that will make you laugh until you SNORT!
Q) How do you make a tissue dance?
A) Put a little boogie in it.
Q) What nationality are you when you go to the bathroom?
A) European.
Q) What does lightning wear beneath its clothes?
A) Thunderwear.
Q) If you had fifty bananas in one hand, and twenty-five gallons of ice cream in the other, what would you have?
A) Really big hands.

Pranks are an important part of our World o' Fun. The best ones make everybody laugh, even the victim!

What you'll need:
  • A funnel
  • A penny
  • A glass of water
  • A victim

First, stick the little end of the funnel into your pants.
Next, pretend you're playing a really fun game of trying to drop a penny off your chin and catching it in the funnel.
Your victim will of course want to play.
So you stick the little end of the funnel into your victim's pants.
When your victim leans back to put the penny on his/her chin. . . . . . you pour the water into the funnel.

Is your victim laughing? If not, you'd better start running.

Harold: Mr. Krupp, would you punish us for something we didn't do?
Mr. Krupp: Of course not!
George: Great! We didn't do our homework.

Mr. Krupp: So Harold, how do you like school?
Harold: Closed.

Harold: I know a person who thinks he's an owl.
George: Who?
Harold: Make that TWO people!

Mr. Krupp: Doctor, last night I dreamed I was a Teepee, and the night before, I dreamed I was a wigwam!
Doctor: You need to relax—you're two tents!

Water Shooter (the colder the water, the better!)
Whoopee Cushion (good for sofa cushions, bus seats, and church pews)
Water Balloons (can also be filled with jello or vegetable oil)
Skateboard or Scooter (for quick getaways)
Fake Doggy Doo-Doo (good for sidewalks, pools, and sandboxes)
Black Pepper (for making people sneeze)
Bubbles (so much fun!)

  For more fun-filled activities, be sure to pick up the Captain Underpants Crunchy Book of Fun from your local library or bookstore. And visit the mastermind himself, Dav Pilkey, at his website!

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