Introducing Pilkey(R) Brand Click-o-Rama™, the cheesy interactive animation technique that lets you control the action.

Ready? Choose Your Favorite Scence and Start Clicking!
Put Your Head On My Boulder
The Big Butt Boogie
A Hard Day's Bite

Here's how it works!

STEP 1: Click on an image below to pop up a new window.

STEP 2: Locate the small arrow buttons at the bottom of the new window. These will allow you to "flip" back and forth between two images so that they look like ONE moving picture!

STEP 3: Now quickly click on the arrow buttons until the picture appears to be animated (you may have to try it a few times to really get up to speed!).
* Don't Forget to Turn Up Your Speakers!
Poopy-PuncherLet's Put Our Heads Together
The Brief-Wearin' Bandit Battles the Bionic Behemoth!Harold Bonks A Bad Guy
Wedgie Power vs Potty PowerGeorge Saves Harold!


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