Sam Hay
About Sam Hay

Sam Hay has always wanted to be a writer, and growing up in Scotland, she filled endless notebooks with stories and poems. She trained as a journalist and worked in newspapers and for BBC Television before writing her first children's book. Since then she's had more than twenty books published. Sam lives in Wales with her family and pets.

Lisa Manuzak
About Lisa Manuzak

Lisa Manuzak is a concept artist, illustrator, and designer who works in video games and children’s books. She loves all things fairy-related! Lisa has been wearing glasses since she was ten. Even though her glasses don’t let her see night sprites like Stella’s, they are definitely a magical item for her. Lisa lives in upstate New York with two fluffy kitties, and many, many fish.

Turine Tran
About Turine Tran

Turine Tran was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. She traveled all over the world learning about art--from Singapore to Paris to Scotland, where she earned a Masters of Art degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art. She loves exploring new art techniques that help her create her whimsical art! She lives in England.

About Stella

Stella loves doing crafts using sparkly beads, stickers, and more! And she feels a bit nervous about some things – like getting eyeglasses. But when she puts on her new glasses, she sees the magical world of the night sprites! The night sprites are sneaky, so it is up to Stella to keep them from causing too much trouble!

  • "The greatest need in reading today is bridging our children from picture books to grade level text."
    –Patrick Daly, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Classroom and Community Group, Scholastic Inc.

  • "[W]e are absolutely desperate for these books. Thank you for recognizing and addressing [this] monumental gap in the market"
    –Andrew Medlar, Youth Materials Specialist, Chicago Public Library

  • "[These] books are not just for the reluctant reader, but also for the reader who wants to feel successful in his/her reading."
    –Cyndi Giorgis, Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas

  • Author's Website Make Your Own Magic Eyeglasses! After Reading Guide

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