Heather Alexander
Heather Alexander & Diane Le Feyer

Heather Alexander lives in New Jersey, with her husband, two daughters, and a small white dog, who does very few tricks but is awfully cute.

When she was younger, Heather used to be a figure skater. She still loves everything to do with twirling, jumping, and glitter. Lots and Lots of glitter!

Heather is the author of more than forty books for kids. THE AMAZING STARDUST FRIENDS is her first early chapter book series.

Diane Le Feyer

Diane Le Feyer lives in a magical land called France, where there are lots of big castles and very good food. As a child, she was always drawing and dreaming of glitter and sparkle! As an adult, she makes her living drawing fantastical scenes, working in 2-D animation (both as a director and animator), and teaching young artists. She is a teacher, an artist, a bad cook, and a mother. She has a darling daughter, a loving husband, and a goldfish named Bubbles.

About the Stardust Friends

Allie is an acrobat. Her full name is Alejandra Padillo Falto, and she’s part of a family of trapeze artists known as the Flying Faltos.

Carly is a clown who loves making people laugh. Her hair is dyed pink—because it’s her very favorite color!

Bella is an animal trainer. She loves working with animals, and teaching them to dance. And she’s never without her furry friends – Boris, Coconut, Tofu, and Marsmallow!

Marlo is the newest member of the Stardust Circus. She loves doing crafts and helping her mom in the kitchen. But she cannot leap from a trapeze, make people laugh, or stand on top of a galloping horse. What will her special talent be?

  • "Alexander sets recognizable early-elementary dilemmas against an alluring backdrop for a story that feels both familiar and exotic at the same time... Le Feyer’s grayscale illustrations... [work] with the text to create a convincingly multiethnic circus community."

  • "Alexander effectively conveys the hard work and athleticism that make a circus artist as well as the multicultural nature of a circus family—Bella's family is Chinese-American, and Allie's originally hails from Mexico. Le Feyer's grayscale illustrations add humor and personality. The lure of the big top will bring sparkle-loving girls back to see how Marlo's life with the circus progresses."

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